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About Us

Mission and Vision statement

If money is lost nothing is lost! If health is lost something is lost and character is lost everything is lost.

Ancient Science is being founded in view to connect with our roots, we firmly believe in the universe is being blessed in abundant only we need to plug in, if we combine all the civilizations across globe, being discovered by our ancestors are incredible great & best remedies for our health, body and soul, mind is by product of these two. Ancient science platform is being created to make them one. Ancient Science will try to bring the world best natural/universal practices to re create our system from where we come from. It is quite obvious we get deviate to start our journey for our survival and slowly we are griped with greed and finally we just start a race that’s ended up with lots of stress and eventually relationship, health and wellness problems.

Holistic Healing:

The contemporary age is greatly dictated by medicine and surgery, no matter what to treat, psychology or physiology, people look for medicine. But we here in Ancient Science treat body and mind not with medicine but infusing energy. We firmly believe that to treat any kind of problem whether mental physical or both, one needs to connect with the root and draw energy from the universe. Our world is replete in known and unknown energies, which have the power to heal any ailment. While turning pages of old scriptures and studying old books of varying civilizations one fact that appeared common, is that  healing process for body and mind is discussed, taking them two different entity. We believe, that without differing them if we try to combine both mind and body into a single. comprehensive whole and initiate our healing process then it is definite that our health will improve.

Right after our birth, we undergo different phases of life and our mind and body contaminates during the journey. Eventually we end in either broken relationship or loneliness, or in despair and indescribable physical ailment. Now maximum physical ailments are direct reflection of disturbed mind and it is seen that by treating mind, by wiping away the impurities from there, physical ailment can actually be lessened or treated without even applying medicine. It is scientifically also proven that our mind has great capacity and control over some of the hormones, which directly handle our actions. So treating mind is important, more than treating body and the process of treating mind is possible with us.

Our body is comprised of seven core energy hubs. Anahata Chakra, Sahasrara chakra, Vishudhi chakra, Agna chakra, Swadishtana Chakra, Manipura Chakra, and Mooladhara Chakra to name them and there are seven bodies or organs like tongue, ear, eye, heart, liver kidney. When chakras and bodies work together in harmony it is possible to lead a healthy and happy life. When we are performing something or moving our body, there creates an AURA or energy orbit around us which if works opposite to  the universal AURA or fails to merge and work in conformity, our body, mind accordingly endure stress and depression. Our internal energy stops flowing and over a period of time, our health starts deteriorating as the outcome of this energy block.

Researchers say, that all diseases are not bacteria and virus generated and psychosomatic diseases are often more chronic in nature than bacteria led diseases.  Now changing the pathway of our AURA we can fruitfully merge with universe and treat ourselves and our deficiencies independently.  At Ancient Science we make use of Energy Balancing, PEMF Therapy, Breathing Exercise, Counseling, Emotional Surrendering with past and Meditation.



Praveen Varshney

Founder & Catalyst Healer

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