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Ancient Science


Ancient Science is the technique of energy healing. For those of you who are unaware of this science, the body is dividing into seven chakras or energy centres. In order for us to lead a healthy life, it is important for the flow of energy to be regulated. However, our day to day routine is very hectic. The result is a massive imbalance of energy that tends to take a toll on the body of the individual. In order to cure the body of its ailments, it is important to restore this balance.

The Ancient Science healing techniques are focused on helping patients connect with the divine power that governs life. Seeking the blessings of the creator, these therapies help in the holistic healing of the body from within. Additionally, the techniques are completely driven by natural processes. This minimises the risk of any side effects.

Preached and practiced by Mr Praveen Varshney, these healing techniques gradually help in healing the flaws. The science of quantum physics preaches that the body is divided into seven chakras. Each chakra is the source of energy for the effective functioning of a different set of organs. The vital organs need the energy to maintain their daily functions. However, what actually helps in the well-being of the body is the crucial balance between the energy chakras.

Each time this balance goes off the cord, the individual is likely to fall prey to diseases. This is because the body weakens and is easily taken over by the bacteria or virus in the surroundings. However, Ancient Science uses this understanding of the chakras to heal the body.

The healing technique involves restoring the balance of energy. This takes time and is gradual process. However, the healing technique is much more effective than the allopathy or any other treatment.Because treated from root

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