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Chakra Healing Treatment

Our body as we know it is not just a compilation of flesh, bones and blood. It is much more than that. The flesh, bones and blood are all governed by the flow of energy. This energy is better known as the life force. A force or type of energy that makes it possible for us to wake up every morning, that makes it feasible for us to gasp breath by breath, the fresh air and makes us feel healthy. This energy comes from the divine creator, the one Supreme Being that has granted us with the gift of life. However, as is the rule with any type of energy, it never remains constant at one place. The energy flows within the body.

There are seven chakras within the body. Each chakra is a centre of energy. This energy governs a specific set of organs. The overall well-being of the body is a result of a delicate balance between the various chakras. This balance is crucial. Even a slight imbalance on this front, tends to damage the body. Often a minor imbalance of energy can weaken the person’s body to such an extent that it contracts deadly diseases.

This is where Chakra Healing comes into the picture. Using the Ancient Science healing therapies, the balance between the various energy chakras is restored. The therapies are absolutely safe and completely natural.

What is Chakra Healing?

There are seven chakras, as we have told you. These chakras are the Muladhara located at the space between the anal outlet and the genital organ; Swadhisthana located above it; Manipura just below the navel,  Anahata, where the rib cage meets; Vishuddhi, which is at the pit of the throat; Ajna, located between the eyebrows; and Sahasrara, or the crown located on the head.

In order to understand the process of healing, let’s take a look at what these chakras govern:

Root Chakra (Mooladhara) is directly connected to parents, it is most important energy centre for the foundation of our life, blockage of this chakra create disharmony in life how at emotional as well as physical health.

Sacral Chakra (Swadishtana) is our sexual chakra and regulate our emotional body

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) takes care of the metabolism & control the organss

Heart Chakra (Anahata) balances three chakras up and three chakras down, a love energy regulates by this energy center.

Throat Chakra (Vishudi) is our sound box, allow us to connect with body mind and soul, to utter and listen.

Third Eye Chakra (Agna) is third eyes and allow us to work through our institution a path finder.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) connect us to universe and reflects our spirituality and knowledge.

Depending on the problem that the patient is facing, Ancient Science identifies the chakra that needs healing and accordingly prescribes the therapy.


However, the science of chakras was discovered 1000′s of years ago and it is one of the most accurate science of our physical, as well as emotional health, in the ancient science the treatment used to happen through healing of the chakra, the universe is moving towards artificial life, the more and more synthetic life is in progress & bringing back the real science of life, now it is universal known the impact of chemical treatment, how good and bad it is for us?, Chakra Healing is one of the most eminent ancient science to heal the patient from root, hence emotional balance and physical health automatically attained.

This ensures that the healing is long lasting. Through the therapies, the focus is on seeking the blessings of the divine creator to restore the flow of energy within the body. Once the balance is restored, the problems are healed. Also, this is a way of eliminating the root cause. This guarantees that the problem does not recur.

Therefore, the patients are free to live a long happy and healthy life. 

Result may vary from person to person


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