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Fracture Wound Healing

PEMF for Fracture Healing

PEMF for Fracture Healing

Accidents are unfortunate but when they do happen, they tend to take a toll on the body. The bones become weak and often the healing is also slow. Additionally, with a fracture or a wound, there are chances that the patients are most likely to suffer from inability to move, problem while performing day to day activities and often a sudden discomfort that makes it difficult to perform day to day activities. This can be quite discomforting for the patient. While allopathy teaches you to simply tolerate the pain, at Ancient Science, we offer a cure to all such situations. Yes! Our focus is on understanding such problems and helping the body heal from within.

 What type of symptoms indicate that you are an eligible for these therapies?

 Are you suffering from pain in the joints due to the fracture? Is you wound taking long to heal? Are you finding it difficult to go about your daily life simply because of a wound or a fracture? Is the pain making it difficult for you to sleep? If the answer to these questions is yes, our therapies can help you. Being completely natural, these therapies are based on the science of quantum physics. As per this science the body is divided into seven different centres of energy. The cure to a problem lies in balancing the flow of energy. This process is crucial to the well-being of the body.

 Additionally, those seeking general well-being of the body for speedy recovery can also rely on these therapies. They work well to heal the body. The chakra healing concept balances the flow of energy in the body and ensures that the problems are cured in a natural way. Additionally, the therapies are focused on curing the problem from its root. This also ensures that the patients don’t have to struggle with problem at a later stage in their life.

 Does it work?

 A lot of people assume that healing can only happen through allopathy. But, this is where they are mistaken. The healing ability lies within the body. There is life force that blesses us to live life. However, when the body feels sick, the balance of this life force is damaged. Restoring the balance ensures that the body gets back its ability to heal and before you know it, the patient comes back feeling healthy and happy!


Wound Healing



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