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Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing – The health is consisting of Mind, Body and Spirit

Understanding the body

Holistic healing is the art of developing a healthy body with a beautiful mind and a pious soul. No, we are not talking about the era of divinity. This is something simple and really achievable provided people come forth to seek the benefits of holistic healing. When a body is plagued with a disease, what we see are only symptoms on the surface. But, dig in a little deeper and you will be surprised to see the major problems in the machinery. Yes! Instead of treating your body as just another entity, think of it as God’s unique machine. Unique because this machine runs 24 by 7 without any breaks, something that no man made device has been able to achieve with such accuracy!

The fuel that this machine seeks is the food that you eat. However, this machine is also prone to malfunctions especially when you are not able to care for it. If you think that your job ends at just dumping food into the system, wake up and smell the coffee! Your body needs you as much as you need it. If you see symptoms of a problem, don’t focus on hiding the symptoms or overlooking the problems. Instead, address the root cause. This will heal the body, in the true sense. This is where holistic healing comes into the picture.

What is holistic healing?

However, holistic healing is not a random science. Instead, it is based on the knowledge accumulated through scriptures, history and of course physics! This science divides the body into seven chakras. Each chakra is a centre of energy that governs the well-being of a specific set of organs. Based on the science of quantum physics, the art of holistic healing practiced at this centre is focused on studying the flow of energy within the body and identifying the bottle necks in order to ensure that the harmony is maintained.

Each time your body shows symptoms that may indicate the presence of an illness, it is actually an indication that somewhere the energy balance has gone off and so the body is facing problems. The simplest and easiest way to cure this dis-balance of energy is to set things right-balance the chakras!


One might say, if allopathy is giving you instant relief, why do you need to rely on holistic healing. Well simply because allopathy is not able to address the root cause of the problem. Holistic healing, on the other hand takes care of this issue. Additionally, since the root cause is eliminated, the chances of the problem recurring in the future are rare. All in all, this is a natural healing process that cures the body of all its ailments.

Reverse Emotional Disorder Healing:

Ancient Science Steps:

I Praveen Varshney, work as a catalyst healer, between patient and the Divine healer, with divine blessings only people reaches to the healing center and god allows them for healing, we empower patient to treat self.

Reverse Emotional Disorder consists:

Energy Balancing
• Counseling
• Meditation
• Breathing Exercise
• Emotional Surrendering with past
• PEMF Therapy

Result may vary from person to person

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