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Osteo-Avascular Necrosis Treatment

What is osteo avascular necrosis?

 The human body represents the creator’s ability to create a unique harmony in the form of a fully functional machine that works round the clock without taking a pause. Yes! Even when you sleep, the body gets rest but the machinery continues to do its work. Your heart still beats, blood still flows throughout the body to keep you hale and hearty. The flow of blood is crucial to the well-being of the body.  Osteo avascular necrosis is a condition that is developed when the blood circulation to the bones is obstructed. Gradually, the supply of blood stops and the bone tissue starts to die. This as a result weakens the bones and gradually destroys it.

 What is the reason for this condition?

 The reason why the blood is not reaching your bones is simple, there is an obstruction. This obstruction could be due to many reasons as per chemical science. 

  • An existing fracture that is taking very long to heal
  • A wound which has damaged the tissue and is therefore obstructing the blood flow
  • Damage in the vessels preventing the blood flow
  • Long term usage of steroids or certain type of medications that could be causing the obstruction of the blood flow
  • A dislocated joint which could be affecting the flow


Who can get affected?

Osteo avascular necrosis is a condition that can affect individuals between the age group of 30 to 60 years.  Males and females are equally at the risk of contracting the disease. However, there are certain joints that are prone to developing this condition and therefore at a higher risk when compared to others. This is because of the unique position of the hip joint.

 What is the cure?

 Ancient Science prescribes a variety of wellness therapies for this condition. However, the therapies being applied differ from patient to patient. This difference is in accordance to the overall condition, symptoms being executed and the other problems that varying from individual to individual. The blockages in the veins are due to cause of emotional disorder, we treat the emotional disorder and pump in fresh energy through PEMF to open the blockage and supply of blood will be restored to normal, hence supply of calcium and other will normalize the human body.

Is it safe?

 Being natural and based on the ancient science of dividing the body into seven chakras or the centres of energy, the therapies practiced by Ancient Science are absolutely safe and therefore ideal for people across age groups who are seeking help. The high effectiveness of the treatment also makes it an extremely beneficial for the individual. The focus is on eliminating the root cause of the problem to ensure that the issue does not recur in the future. 



Result may vary from person to person 

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