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My biggest problem is my OCD (trichotillomania) wherein I pull my hair. Then I suffer from extremely stiff neck wherein I cannot turn my head and there is immense pain in my neck and shoulders. I have crossed 30 years of age but still haven’t got married. Delay in marriage is my third problem.
My OCD started around 1999 after the incident with my father in which I believe that I was sexually molested. It happens every time I am angry, depressed, lonely, irritated, hurt or when I am going through some such negative emotions. Before 1999, I had such long and thick hair. So many people have complimented me on my hair. Then to suddenly lose all that and see myself literally bald in the mirror has been extremely painful. People started questioning me about my hair loss and I have no proper reason to give them. How can I tell people my shame? Will they understand? No. For a girl losing her hair is so traumatic. I have cried so many times and prayed to so many gods. Why me? I am a good person after all. My confidence level was an all-time low. I felt that people were staring at me and commenting about me and laughing at me. I have tears even now when I think of all these things. It has always been that much more painful. At times I have even felt like I am a handicapped person because I have no hair. Now after starting therapy with Mr. Praveen, I feel more hopeful. I am completely aware of when I want to start pulling my hair and hence am able to avoid it. It has only been a week but I can already feel and see a difference in my attitude. Thank you Sir; you have been my greatest help!
My stiff neck and neck and shoulder pain started way back in 2011. That was when my mother was diagnosed with a tumour. I felt so lonely and helpless. There was nobody to care for her. It was me who took her to the hospital, spoke to all the doctors, signed all the necessary paperwork and even scheduled the operation. Even on the day of the operation I was alone, waiting outside the operation theatre. My father has simply disappeared. We got zero support from him both physically and emotionally. That was when my neck pain started. In the last 4 years the pain had spread to my shoulders, hands, hips and my back. I went to a series of doctors. I was diagnosed with spondylitis but was told that the main problem was stress. There have been days when I couldn’t even move one inch. It was that painful. I used to take a lot of painkillers to reduce the pain. I lost my confidence in going out because my posture was so bad that people used to ask me what happened to your neck. Why are you so stiff? It was so depressing for me and I used to cry at night thinking about my poor health. Now I have started therapy at Ancient Science. The first thing that happened was the pain in my hips, hands and back has completely disappeared. This has never happened before. The pain in my neck and shoulders has decreased. I am able to slowly nod my head. Earlier it was just frozen. I now believe that I will be cured 100%. I just have to give it some time.
At this stage in my life, it is high time that I got married. As the years go by I know that it will become more and more difficult if something is not done right now. This is another shameful and painful factor for me. I have no answers when people question me about my marriage delay. Even girls younger than me in my family are getting married. I feel like I am some kind of freak. On top of that I see my mother worrying about my future and that makes me feel guilty. The main reason is my hair pulling. That has been the cause and reason of so many bad events in my life. Many times I have felt both angry and frustrated about myself. Why can’t I do something to stop all this? When will I ever become normal? At Ancient Science with Mr. Praveen being the medium I have finally realised that there is a reason why such things are happening. God has not forsaken me but in reality is there always guiding and looking after me. That is why I have surrendered myself to this divine power. Mr. Praveen has given me two very important things: peace and hope. Mental peace because now I see an end to my present circumstances, and hope that I will get married to the right man. Thank you once again sir. I will always been indebted to you!

Meenakshi (Name Changed)

Oh God , Thank you for recognizing this wonderful world through ancient science. I am feeling that I have some one really to support me. I also found that without your help I cannot move forward , Now God I feel happiness in morning.

Forgive me God through ancient science the mistakes I have done and realizing the love . I could not done all things that has been dictated to me like natural walk, I feel the great difference and you made me feel that I am a valuable link in this chain.I feel your presence on every walks of life. I now realized that I am nothing in this world without your grace. I am feeling a good sensation travelling throughout body after meditation for about 5 hrs and again comes in between. My talk is softened and listening power bit improved. I feel that I have many things to do in this world before I leave. Fear reduced , Fuming reduced and reaction to impulse reduced, Chakra is making me feel the super natural thoughts pleasant of course and loosening my mind. With great gratitude I am saying that I feel I am recovering,Thank you God, May thy love shine for ever and may I be able to awaken thy love in all hearts.

Thanking you, Thanking You

Your love Jayaprasad

I am 78 years old, suffering from back pain and other joint pain, I have been suffering from relationship issue with women and had  bad relationship with my wife from last 30 years, I came to ancient through newspaper article, initially few days I was sleeping too much and later slowly I was feeling very good, and Mr Praveen when started work on my inner child as I was abandoned by mother when I was 1 year old , to my surprise after healing my inner child, my wife attitude changed drastically and we are back to beautiful life, thanks to Ancient Science


I was suffering from IBS (Irritating bowel Syndrome) for last couple of years as well as relationship issue,I was in the mindframe of to commit suicide, I came to Ancient Science for healing after I have tried all kind of treatments, pranik healing,Ayurveda, being a doctor all sort of medicine, homeopathy and other form of treatment, finally Mr. Praveen diagnose the problem rooted from 1st and 3rd chakra and to my surprise I got cured in few days, many thanks to Ancient Science and Mr. Praveen

(Dr. Divya)

Dear Mr. Praveen,

I would like to thanks you from the bottom of my heart for the treatment of my wife, she was suffering from osteoarthritis and many other health problems, initially we had lots of reservations regarding healing, since we tried all best possible treatments, nothing worked so effective, now she is doing very well.
I wish all the best to Ancient Science & many more people should be benefited.
Best Regards
Dr.Rajesh Yadav

The 21 days session of my long painful Osteoarthritis has gone, now I can walk of my own changed my life and I am back, thanks to Ancient Science for Providing non surgical treatment, lots of best wishes and good luck.
Smita Gupta (Bangalore)

My spondylitis almost finally gone, tried all possible treatments but finally great Ancient Science has done it, Initially I had doubt, because nothing was working out and when treatment started and slowly and gradually my pain reduced, it was great to remove my emotional suppressed blockages, now I am feeling very light and Happy.
Rama Reddy (Bangalore)

The Last 10 days of healing session in ANCIENT SCIENCE has changed me drastically, I came here when I was very depressed. I had sleeping disorder. I had no energy and lots of problems like breathing problem, physical weakness, mood swings etc. Thanks to Mr. Praveen. I am almost out from my drawbacks. I can sleep well & my breathing has improved and my physical weakness has reduced to a certain level. I feel more energetic.
Shankari Sahakarnagar (Bangalore)

hi this is Ali, we are glad that we did the therapy at Ancient Science and we were struggling and visited two IVF centers and did not get the success, thanks to AS finally we are succeeded..we wish all the best and finally we have ordered the device for our family..
Ali Shaik (Bangalore)

The therapy is good. I felt very much relaxed and got positive results in me. It is helping me my treatment cycle very much, cured my long prevailing knee pain and other health problems. I am looking forward to buy the instrument where in I can get the help of therapy for many stages in my life.
Sughanda Koppad (Bangalore)

hi there..after the initial hitch, with a complete faith in this therapy I went ahead with it and I m so glad I did..i have almost got rid of this annoying migraine which I have been suffering from a very long time and had given up on its cure before I came across this therapy..its got so much positive effect to me I plan to also buy it soon..a full thumps up to ancient science from me.
Dr Nimisha Shiwalkar Kumar

I feel much relax after therapy also felt easy to breath
Aminath agila at Bangalore Therapy Center

I took therapy at ancient science to cure my self and balance energy. I took 3 therapy then I feel my difference within that so now I am feeling physically and emotionally better than before
Vimala Sezhan at Bangalore Therapy center

It is amazing to see the results of your wonderful Ancient Science Healing. Patients are very happy with their recovery and the results are simply superb and most encouraging.
Dr. CP Prabhakaran,


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