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Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Anatomy

Knee Anatomy

Knee Pain Treatment

Our knees help us carry our body weight. This makes them a crucial joint within the body. Depending on the life style of the individual, the amount of stress on the knee joint also differs. For instance, athletes or runners are obvious to put more pressure on this joint as opposed those doing a corporate job. The reason for knee pain will differ from person to person. Additionally, with each our bone strength weakens and so the joints are also affected. Knees are no exception to this trend. Also, knee pain is not gender biased. It is more of a lifestyle problem that tends to affect people across all age groups.

What is knee pain?

Well, first things first, we all know pain as a type of discomfort within the joint of the knee. This discomfort can be mild due to a sudden jerk or unexpected injury on the knee. Occasionally, it can also be severe due to a fault in the bone structure or the gradually weakening of the bones in the area. It is important to note that the characteristic of knee pain is very different from that of the regular pain. Knee pain can be focused on what part or diffused within the entire region.

What are the symptoms?

Before we proceed to understand the treatment, it is important for you to familiarise yourself with the symptoms of knee pain. This will help you identify the problem and seek help before matters escalate to a worst level.

  • Patient is likely to experience of redness or swelling in the knee joint
  • Discomfort while walking or running
  • Sitting will be difficult for such patients
  • Occasional cramps
  • Crackling sensation of the muscles ( on a more than regular basis )
  • Legs become weak
  • Difficulty while exercising

Treatment offered by Ancient Science

Through chakra based healing & PEMF therapy, Ancient Science focuses on balancing the energy that drives the force of life within the body. Seeking divine intervention and the blessings of the creator, Ancient Science helps patients suffering from knee pain, connect with their inner self and stimulate the healing process from within.

While Allopathy knee treatment options involves extreme cases like surgery, Ancient Science offers a more holistic healing process. This treatment is surely more effective as compared to the other options. There is not symptomatic relief, instead we offer permanent cure to the problem.

What are the advantages?

Here is a look at the advantages offered by this treatment.

  • The treatment at Ancient Science does not require you to rely on medicines/surgery.
  • It is all done through completely safe and natural therapies
  • 21 days for around 45-60 mins daily
  • It is effective across age groups
  • No side effects
  • Non-Invasive
  • 95 to 100% effectiveness¬†

Result may vary from person to person


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