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Migraine/OCD Treatment

Tension headaches and Migraine/OCD

Do you come home feeling stressed? Are you often complaining of headaches? Do you find it difficult to sleep at night because of a throbbing pain in your head? Is it problematic for you to focus on your work because of sudden occurrence of headaches? If the answer to these questions is yes, you are most likely to be suffering from chronic headaches. The reason for such headache could vary from person to person. Even the cause is often associated to the regular stressful lifestyle of people. However, these headaches can get very uncomfortable and therefore difficult to bear. In extreme cases, the headache is so severe that it tends to adversely affect the lifestyle of the individual.

What is the cause of a Migraine/OCD?

What is Migraine? and why in current Enviorment Migraine is very common?.does it is related to OCD (mental disorder) too?.

Ancient Science gets 40-50% of the cases of chronic migraine patients, almost all the cases their mulladhara Chakra is blocked, Mulladhara is our first chakra and represent parental relationship and we found that they had some or the other problem in their childhood, could be father very disciplined, relationship between mother and father were bad they used to fight a lot, could be neglected/abandoned child, his/her own relationship towards parents, father’s/mother extra marital relationship, pampered child was unwillingly left the parents these are the general emotional traumas are found.

These Patients are generally short tempered, fearful,mood swings, insecure by nature, thin body type however pampered child are overweight, live with guilt that they left the parents or could not live without them.

The basic cause of patients Migraine their flow of energy got blocked, since we are living in destructive/concrete environment got away from the nature and unable to discharge the negative energy as it happens of its own. Do not know how to heal the inner child.

These patients tried all kind of treatments including Nimhans and we found that their health got deteriorated, especially allopathy gave them some sedative medicine and they feel sleepy and tendency to put on weight.

The more intense cases convert into OCD (mental disorder), it is not necessary that OCD patients go through Migraine, in-fact Migraine prevent them from (OCD)Mental dis-balance, however energy got accumulated at crown chakra and convert into Neuro problems. By and large they also faces similar emotional traumas in their life.

Cure offered by Ancient Science

Ancient Science does natural treatment, balances the energy allows patients to open up the blocks and finally reverse emotional blockages, pumps back energy and as of now patients are blessed to be treatment successfully at ‎Ancient‬ Science Treatment Center

Tension Headaches and Migraines

Tension Headaches and Migraines



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