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Rheumatic Treatment

What is rheumatic?

Rheumatic is often marked by swollen joints, inability to walk or perform day to day activities. The challenge with this disease is that the pain is not focused on one region, instead it is diffused throughout the body. Medically, this is the disease that occurs and progresses due to problem in the connective tissue between two bones. For us to understand in greater depth, let’s look at it this way. Between two bones, lies the connective tissue. This tissue ensures smooth functioning of the joints by causing just the right amount of friction. Now if this connective tissue is infected and becomes weak, the friction between bones is reduced. The result is that bones are most likely to rub against each other and the joints start to swell.

What are the symptoms?

The first and foremost symptom of this problem is pain. This pain can be quite discomforting. However, this is not the only symptom. Often such patients complain to suffer from fever, nausea and other problems as well.

Here is a brief preview of the symptoms that will help you identify the severity of the problem

Joint pain

Soreness of the joints

Inability to move

Pain in the back

Sometimes high fever

Inability to do the regular chores that were previously possible very easily

Who is at risk?

Those who are with a weaker bone density are at a high risk of contracting rheumatic. This is because the bones are already weak and with daily stress, they are likely to cause problems in the joints very easily. Additionally, as people become old, the risk of the disease also increases. Rheumatism is also seen in people with already existing problems of osteoporosis and bone disorders. Since the problem is not gender biased, both male and female members are at equal risk of getting the disease.

What is the treatment that we offer?

Ancient Science offers holistic treatment therapies that are capable of curing all types of problems. This includes pain in the joints, bone disorders and even extreme cases of rheumatic. Depending on the symptoms of the patient and the severity of the pain, the Ancient Science experts prescribe the healing therapies. These techniques are based on harmonising the flow of energy between the various chakras of the body. Each chakra plays a pivotal role in ensuring the proper functionality of a specific set of organs. Any imbalance in these chakras is capable of causing problems & world best PEMF therapy.

Safe and effective!

Unlike allopathy, the treatment offered by Ancient Science is absolutely safe, non-invasive and propagates the well-being of the body. This treatment works well for patients across age groups and does not involve any pain or discomfort as well. 


Result may vary from person to person 

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