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Shoulder Pain Treatment

An excellent example of the ball and socket joint, the shoulder is an important and most complex connection within the body. However, it is also responsible for several types of movement. Prior to understanding the reasons and treatment options for shoulder pain, lets focus on familiarizing ourselves with the wide range of movements governed by the shoulder. From picking up a glass of water to playing tennis, everything is done by your shoulder. In fact, this is the joint that barely gets any rest. For athletes and sportsperson, the stress on the shoulder joint is even more. The result is an aching shoulder that can get from bad to worst in no time.

 What are the causes of shoulder pain?

 Shoulder pain can arise due to many reasons. In our daily stressful lifestyle, we often end up straining the muscles beyond their capacity and the result is a painful shoulder.

 While the specific causes are difficult to identify, there are some broad category of causes that can lead to shoulder pain:


While the specific causes are difficult to identify, there are some broad category of causes that can lead to shoulder pain:

  • Excessive straining of muscles while playing sports 
  • Exercising in wrong positions 
  • Dislocation due to accidents 
  • Unexpected injuries 
  • Sudden or jerky movement 

What are the symptoms?

The common system of shoulder pain is obviously pain. This pain is known to grow from bad to worst, therefore, patients are best advised to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Here are the types of symptoms that you should watch out for:

  • Restricted movement
  • Unconditional pain
  • Swelling in the shoulder joint
  • Inability to perform daily activities 

Treatment options

Ancient Science uses a system based on art of holistic healing where the focus is on balancing the energy that flows between various chakras for the smooth functioning of the body & world best PEMF therapy designed based on the intensity of the body part problem. However, prior to prescribing the therapy, Ancient Science prescribes the process where the patient’s symptoms are identified and accordingly the therapy is prescribed. This process is crucial because treatment will differ from patient to patient.

Is it safe?

The Ancient Science therapy is absolutely safe for all age groups. There are no side effects to the shoulder pain treatment therapies. Even children can benefit from these therapies. Additionally, since it propagates the health and well-being of the individual, it is guaranteed to make you feel better.

Result may vary from person to person

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