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Sports Injuries Treatment

What are sports injuries?

Athletes have an active lifestyle and often in the pressure to perform, these sportspersons end up straining their muscles. This weakens the body and results in what we commonly call sports injuries. From a layman point of view, these injuries may not be serious. But, when you look at a sportsperson life, these little injuries could be a complete game changer affecting their overall performance drastically. From minor muscle pulls to major incidents like ligament tears, a lot of things fall under the category of sports injuries.

Thigh Injury

Thigh Injury

What is the treatment that we offer?

Through its holistic healing techniques, Ancient Science offers treatment for various types of sports injuries. Led by Praveen Varshaney, the healers implement a series of therapy based techniques that help in restoring the crucial balance of energy in an individual’s body. This balance of energy is what promotes the well-being from within and over a period of time, these therapies successfully eliminate the stress accumulated within the body.

How does it help?

Based on the ancient science of quantum physics that treats the body as a compilation of energy flowing through various points or chakras, the therapies practiced by Ancient Science helps the athletes rejuvenate from within. Seeking divine intervention, the healers successfully restore the original flow of energy removing the blocks or points of stress within the muscles. This leaves the individual feeling happy, healthy and obviously more rejuvenated. Also, since the athletes are not consuming any allopathic medicines, there is no risk of side effects or accumulating toxins in the body that can affect their performance.

We practice natural therapies inspired by the idea of treating the body like a temple of energy and simply seeking the creators blessings to maintain the flow of energy within this premises to lead a happier and healthier future.


Result may vary from person to person

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