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Metabolic Stimulation

The key to a healthy lifestyle is to ensure that the body has a healthy metabolism. The body’s ability to run smoothly and perform its functions is often referred to as metabolism. As you age, the metabolism of the body often reduces. This affects your ability to eat, drink and do all the other things that you regular do. However, the slowing of metabolism does not happen only due to aging. Often the body falls prey to the problems of stress and ends up slowing down the metabolism. For such people, the common problem is obesity, diabetes and a host of other disorders.

Metabolic Stimulation with PEMF

Metabolic Stimulation with PEMF

How does Ancient Science help?

Based on the ideals of quantum physics, Ancient Science focuses on healing the body by regulating the flow of the energy within it. The energy flow is what also governs the metabolism of the body. Through our therapies, we help people connect with the divine force that governs the life within them and helps in leading a healthy life. This takes care of addressing the issues that are causing the imbalance. Additionally, the focus is on addressing the problem permanently instead of just providing symptomatic relief to the patient.

How does improving metabolism help?

If your body is able to enjoy an improved metabolism, it is most likely to feel healthier and more energetic. For those who are trying to lose weight, these therapies can be extremely beneficial. They help in preparing the body to digest food faster. Even athletes and sports person, or anyone else with an extremely active lifestyle will benefit from the implementation of the metabolism stimulation therapies.

It’s a long term benefit program

The Ancient Science therapies are made to address the issues with a permanent cure instead of just focusing on symptomatic relief. Patients get to experience the benefits gradually. Under the guidance of Praveen Varsheny, an expert healing master, the therapies are implemented with absolute accuracy ensuring that the patients gain maximum benefits.

Why is it better than allopathy?

Allopathy treatment offers you steroids that can boost body metabolism. However, this boost is not permanent. It is just temporary. Once you stop the medicines, the effects also tend to fade away. But, what Ancient Science offers you is a complete treatment. You get to heal the body from within, connect with the positive energies that guarantee the well-being of the body without experiencing any side effects.

The treatment is apt for all ages and works well with an effectiveness rate of 95 to 100 percent in all cases.


Result may vary from person to person

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